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The Belch Park Field Trip

IT’S A JUNGLE IN THERE! Henry Williams has never been a leader. Or stood up to the bullies. Or kissed the girl of his dreams. In fact, he’s never stood out from the school crowd. Mind you, he’s only twelve years-old. And a foot shorter than his classmates. All that will change today, though. The school inspectors are visiting Chrome Junction Academy. The principal needs to get rid of the cream of the cr@p! He would have preferred to send them to another galaxy far, far away… Instead, the obnoxious, high-on-energy-drinks brats are off to… BELCH PARK! Roller coasters! Mega-drop towers! Ghost trains! Ferris wheels! Bumper cars! No end of opportunities for fun, thrills and spills! The perfect place to run rampant and enjoy themselves… But wait! South London’s notorious Our Lady of Sacrifice Roman Catholic school is also there. They’re Chrome Junction Academy’s natural enemy. Oh buggerNOW IT’S WAR! Limbs will break… Dares will result in irreparable damage… The innocent will be caught in the crossfire… Even the park may not survive Henry’s destiny awaits… Chrome Junction Academy’s underdog must step up… and grow a pair. He’ll have to ensure the safety of his friends. Fend off the bigger, badder kids. …and get them out of Belch Park in one piece!

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My review

Now, I am going to be very honest and state that many people will hate this book. I took up blogging again recently in order to push myself out of my comfort zone with reading, and to give back to authors. When I first heard about this book, my initial answer was no to blogging, but I decided to give it a go. 

I’m glad I did. It is offensive, bawdy, rude and very very funny. I love toilet humour and shocks, and this book is best described as a hybrid cross over of Viz, Family Guy and Final Destination. It’s deliciously naughty, so if you have a sense of humour that suits this type of book, you will love it. There is a social commentary running through the book which I also found very amusing and engaging. Hats off to the author for just writing what the hell he wants to, and it seems like he had a lot of fun doing it. Once I got over my initial shock, and just decided to enjoy the book, I did too. I also may never go to a theme park again.

In light of this, and the rather excellent cover, which offers a good bright glimpse of what’s in this story, I give it 4.5 stars. I think we all know at least someone who would get a kick out of this book.

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About Andrew Mackay​

Some authors are afraid to cross the line. Me? Oh, I’m glad you asked! I make “the line” my starting point… My brand is satire. I hop between genres like madman on crack because my razor-sharp literary knife is hungry for political and social commentary. One genre just can’t cut it (if you’ll forgive the pun.) I’m obsessed, I tell you! I write straight-up humor and farce, horror, crime, romance… all under the banner of satire. My novels often contain a ruthless commentary on society, delving into the darker machinations of modern life. They can be uproarious, funny, outrageous and shocking. Make no mistake, though. They are this way for a reason, and always come equipped with a sense of humanity and wit. My influences include John Cleese, Tom Sharpe, Kurt Vonnegut, James Patterson, Hunter S Thompson, Douglas Adams, Imogen Edwards-Jones, Michael Frayn, Chris Morris, Jerry Sadowitz, Christopher Hitchins, Bill Maher, George Carlin, Jordan Peterson, Pat Condell, and writer/director Larry Cohen. My obsessions include (and are essentially limited to) obscene amounts of: smoking, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sex, debating, daydreaming and writing about himself in the third person.


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Cover Reveal! Amy Cole has Lost Her Mind by Elizabeth McGivern @rararesources

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I am delighted this morning to share this amazing cover with you! The book sounds amazing, and I shall definitely be checking it out.

Amy Cole has lost her mind 

Amy Cole is a stay-at-home mum and a woman on the edge.
After a very public breakdown and failed suicide attempt, Amy finds herself trying to make it through her everyday life as a high-functioning zombie.
Elle De Bruyn is a force of nature ready to shake Amy back to life whether she likes it or not.
After a fortuitous meeting, the two embark on a journey together which will change them both and help them find out exactly what they’re capable of when rock bottom is just the beginning.

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How amazing is this cover! I love the clouds around her fog to portray the subject matter. Very powerful and eye-catching to boot.

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About Elizabeth McGivern


Elizabeth McGivern is a former journalist turned hostage-in-her-own-home surrounded by three men and a horrible dog named Dougal. 

In an effort to keep her sanity she decided to write a parenting blog after the birth of her first son so she can pinpoint the exact moment she failed as a mother. 

In an unexpected turn of events, the blog helped her to find a voice and connect with parents in similar situations; namely those who were struggling with mental health issues and parenting. It was because of this encouragement – and wanting to avoid her children as much as possible – her debut novel, Amy Cole has lost her mind, was born. 

Elizabeth lives in Northern Ireland although wishes she could relocate to Iceland on a daily basis. To witness her regular failings as a parent you can find her on: 


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Picture credited to Jess Lowe 

Book Blog Tour: 37 Hours by JF Kirwan @rarareads @kirwanjf

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How atmospheric is the cover? I am delighted to bring you the second book in this series, one that is fast becoming one of my favourite spy thrillers!

Apologies for posting a little late in the day, but three snow days meant that the kids have been home so work (and free time) has been a bit limited!

My Review

I really liked the first book, and was less reluctant to jump out of my comfort zone of reading this time. I started reading this one and bam! Right into the action on page one. The writing is brilliant, the storyline unflinching, brutal, heartfelt and kick-ass all in equal measure. I am now eagerly awaiting reading book 3, and I would recommend this series to female and male readers alike. A cracking read, from a brilliant author. I shan’t give the storylines away, as I hate that – but definitely a series to buy and devour whole. 

5 stars from me for this one!

37 Hours

The only way to hunt down a killer is to become one…

After two long years spent in a secret British prison, Nadia Laksheva is suddenly granted her freedom. Yet there is a dangerous price to pay for her release: she must retrieve the Russian nuclear warhead stolen by her deadliest enemy, a powerful and ruthless terrorist known only as The Client.

But her mysterious nemesis is always one step ahead and the clock is ticking. In 37 hours, the warhead will explode, reducing the city of London to a pile of ash. Only this time, Nadia is prepared to pull the trigger at any cost…

The deadly trail will take her from crowded Moscow to the silent streets of Chernobyl, but will Nadia find what she is looking for before the clock hits zero?

The gripping second novel in J.F. Kirwan’s brilliant spy thriller series. Perfect for fans of Charles Cumming, Mark Dawson and Adam Brookes.

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Author Bio

J. F. Kirwan is the author of the Nadia Laksheva thriller series for HarperCollins. Having worked in accident investigation and prevention in nuclear, offshore oil and gas and aviation sectors, he uses his experience of how accidents initially build slowly, then race towards a climax, to plot his novels. An instructor in both scuba diving and martial arts, he travels extensively all over the world, and loves to set his novels in exotic locations. He is also an insomniac who writes in the dead of night. His favourite authors include Lee Child, David Baldacci and Andy McNab.



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The Hepworth Wakefield – a wedding venue with a difference! @evokemg @HepworthGallery @thehepworthcafe


A few weeks ago, I was invited down to The Hepworth Gallery to see a wedding exhibition. Being at the time on deadline for Book 6, and having lived in my PJs and ratty sweats for the last few weeks, I accepted, dragging my spreading behind down near the River Calder to see what the fuss was about. Now, I love the Hepworth, in fact my first book, Crossing Life Lines is featured in it, with my character Luke being a painter having an exhibition there, so I have been a fair few times to look at various exhibitions and research the area. My grandfather was a Navy Man and proud Sea Cadet, so that area is very special to me.

I really enjoyed the event, and the lovely chef Nick Hale treated us to a cooking demonstration of one of his lovely dishes. We got to taste the food, sample the wine and drink in the atmosphere. It really is a stunning venue, and seeing it set up for a wedding was lovely. I really think that the Hepworth can offer a wedding day with a difference, and it’s lovely to see Wakefield making great strides like this. I hope to see some wedding photos in the Wakefield Express very soon, and what creative photos they would be.

For further information, please contact Lauren Mills, Venue Hire Executive on and do check out the gallery and café when you get a chance, you won’t regret it!


(This is not a sponsored post, it is entirely my own opinion and I was not paid to attend the event)



Blog Tour: Prosecco and Promises by A.L. Michael @Canelo @AlMichael

Prosecco Wide[3651]

Book Blurb: Meet Mia: an unforgettable heroine learning the meaning of life and love on a beautiful Italian island. Perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Lindsey Kelk and Lucy Vine.

Mia’s dad has always been her idol. Now, she faces losing him and he is insisting that she leave England to visit her mother’s family on the Italian island of Ischia.

Arriving on the island, Mia is embraced by the warm, crazy relatives she hardly knows. Despite her doubts about the trip, it is in Italy that Mia discovers connections to a part of her life that’s been missing, and during the sun-soaked days and steamy nights Mia falls for handsome local Salvatore. But as the day of her departure draws nearer can she risk having her heart broken twice in one summer?

If you love Prosecco and Promises, why not read more about Mia’s best friend Savvy in Cocktails and Dreams? Out now!

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Author Bio:  A.L. Michael is hurtling towards the end of her twenties a little too quickly. She is the author of 10 novels. Her most recent collection of books, The Martini Club Series, started with Cocktails and Dreams, to be followed by Prosecco and Promises, and Martinis and Memories. She likes to write about difficult women. Well, they say to write what you know. Andi works as a Content Writer, as well as a therapeutic facilitator. She has a bunch of degrees in stuff to do with writing, and wrote her MSc dissertation on the power of creative writing in eating disorder recovery. She truly believes stories can change your life.

Author Social Media Links Twitter: @AlMichael_

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I loved Cocktails and Dreams, so I jumped at the chance to read the next in the series. Fiction like this sometimes gets lumped in as ‘frothy fiction’, and an ‘easy read’ and I really hate this tags, especially when they don’t fit the bill. The writing flows easily yes, and that’s the sign of good writing. Straight away on the first page, you are there. Involved. Invested.

Mia is a great character, and the storyline with her dad broke my heart. Their love and relationship was beautiful to read, and the story zipped along from there. It’s really heartfelt, funny in places, and a great way to spend an afternoon. Especially in this cold weather, the setting was an added warm bonus. This book is part of a series, but if you haven’t read Savvy’s story (why haven’t you?) then you lose nothing from this story. Now, where did I put my prosecco?



Blog tour: Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts @Rachel’sRandomReads

Blog tour: Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts @Rachel’sRandomReads

hiding cover.jpg

Today I have the honour of hosting an extract of Hiding, from the lovely Jenny!


A gripping psychological thriller with chilling twists, from a unique new voice. Keller Baye and Rebecca Brown live on different sides of the Atlantic. Until she falls in love with him, Rebecca knows nothing of Keller. But he’s known about her for a very long time, and now he wants to destroy her. This is the story of two families. One living under the threat of execution in North Carolina. The other caught up in a dark mystery in the Scottish Highlands. The families’ paths are destined to cross. But why? And can anything save them when that happens? Purchase from Amazon UK –

About the author

Jenny is a novelist, screenplay writer and playwright. After a series of ‘proper jobs’, she realised she was living someone else’s life and escaped to Gascony to make gîtes. Knee deep in cement and pregnant, Jenny was happy. Then autism and a distracted spine surgeon wiped out the order. Returned to wonderful England, to write her socks off. Jenny would like to see the Northern Lights but worries that’s the best bit and should be saved till last. Very happily, and gratefully, settled with family. She tries not to take herself too seriously.

jenny potts

Chapter 2

Death Row

June 2021

There was a walk now. They passed doors, like random choices. They all looked the same, all the colour of pale nicotine. But some of those doors were in the business of living and some were not. As you walked past them, you could feel hope slipping away. Which door? Which one? It was like a game the devil might play as you entered hell. Eventually the passengers reached the end of their journey and were shown into another room which was similar in size to the last but with what looked like a window on one side. The window was dark for the moment, with a black blind pulled down and opposite, there was a gallery with seating. The seating was slightly raked, like a theatre. They were here for a performance.

‘That’s 11.30 gone now,’ someone said from the far end.

‘Show must go on.’ Keller mumbled.

There was a crackle and then an audio test from the speaker in the corner. Keller imagined that President Descher had arranged a televised viewing and that all over the State the people could see and hear this: factory workers, grandmothers, schoolchildren, stopping what they’re doing and watching. From the audio speaker, Keller recognised words from the phonetic alphabet, then the date, today, June 23rd 2021, the location, the prisoner’s name and number HCI 72259-931 and the time scheduled for execution.

Keller knew that the duration for the poison to act was ten minutes maximum and that the ratio to be injected was set against the inmate’s weight and height.

Somewhere behind him, Keller could hear mumbling about the victims’ families and an officer explained that they were seated separately, in another viewing room. He imagined that the families’ room was crowded, since eight victims had lost their lives that day.

At 11.45 am, the time was announced once more on the speaker and the blind was pulled up manually, revealing the execution chamber. Keller had forgotten who was seated directly next to him now, but whoever it was flinched.

The prisoner was already strapped onto the gurney. There was a sheet over his body but you could see where the constraint buckles jutted up into the clean white cotton. His left arm was exposed however and the intravenous tube was already in. He was clean shaven. Keller had never seen him without a beard. He could almost pretend he did not know him.

Three Harfield guards came into the chamber now. They did not look at the window, which to them was a mirror. Who would want to see themselves doing what they were about to do, even if it was their duty. The three guards were each handed a syringe. The content of one of the syringes was deadly and the other two contained a harmless fluid. The guards would never know who among them administered the lethal injection.

The condemned man’s chest began to rise and fall. He blinked rapidly and his Adam’s apple bulged in his throat, as he struggled to find an impossible place between dignity and the screaming of his nerves to stay alive.

Keller murmured, ‘There is nothing to do now but die.’

A man in the chamber who had been out of their view, moved into sight. He was dressed in a plain dark suit. He identified himself as Warden James and held up a chart. His hand was steady enough, his white knuckles though suggested a very tight grip on that chart.

Keller stared down at the inmate who seemed to be staring back, though Keller knew that the glass was one way and that all the condemned could see was a reflection of his own final scene. All the same, their eyes met.

Warden James turned to the prisoner. ‘Is there anything you would like to say or read before we administer this lethal injection?’


Keller frowned down at the neighboring lap. It was the redhead next to him, the PhD student, twisting that engagement ring. The girl who more than likely had it all, the girl who could not cope without her cell, was barely coping at all. Keller could feel her trembling against the length of his torso and the anger in his veins burned. The young woman held her hand up to her mouth and whispered into it, ‘God, dear God.’

The Warden lowered his eyes to Prisoner HCI 72259-931 on the gurney and blinked several times. He said to the inmate, ‘Go ahead, what do you want to say.’

‘I would like to ask a question.’

‘What is your question?’

‘I would like to ask a question and have it answered.’

Warden James looked around the room at the other officials.

‘Go ahead and ask your question.’

‘Not until you tell me that I will have an answer.’

Keller smiled and nudged the redhead. ‘You see? Make the most of every goddamned moment.’

The young woman was on the edge of her seat and on the edge of tears.

In the chamber, the suits and uniforms huddled and muttered amongst themselves and the Warden came free of the pack once more.

‘We shall try to answer your question. And cannot commit beyond that. I ask you therefore again, is there anything you would like to say?’

The inmate tried to lift his head but the strap across his brow was held tight. He cleared his throat and said in that thick Carolina accent that Keller thought he’d forgotten but which now reignited in his memory and ripped through his heart.

‘I want to know if my son can see me.’

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