Writing time


In November, I decided to take the plunge and write full time for a year, to really concentrate on The Chic Boutique on Baker Street and everything that might follow.

My two boys struggle within the school system at times, so I also felt that being less constrained with teaching would enable me to cut out the need for childcare and juggling life so much.

So after enjoying Christmas, January came and I knuckled down to my new life. The amazing news that I had won the Writers Bureau Writer of the Year Award was amazing, and gave me a fabulous boost.

Now, writing/working from home is more difficult than I thought. There is always something to distract you, from the washing, to the pets needing attention, the odd episode of Nashville – it’s very easy to end up with a very clean house and an empty notepad.

What are your writing habits? I am still adjusting, but find that setting a writing target for each day works well, as does turning off the internet/phone, and ignoring the washing pile. J K Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book in a coffee shop, and I can see her point. Much easier to focus when all you have is your writing tool and a large caramel latte. Thank the Lord I don’t watch Jeremy Kyle, or all would be lost!

Maybe I shall test this theory out…and soon.

Happy writing everyone, and please, do share your writing time tips!




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