I am currently working on a new book, one that I made a start on using NaNoWriMo. I didn’t win NaNoWriMo, I never do, but it does focus me to get an idea done on the page, so in my opinion, it’s a very worthwhile kick in the pants. I am a third of the way through now, in between other projects, and I am enjoying the story. The inspiration for this book came to me one day, as an abstract idea, and then the other characters and plot evolved from there. I have been researching the book a great deal since the start of my book, which is why it is such a slow process at the moment, but it got me to thinking of inspiration.

Where do we get inspiration from? I read extensively, but when I am writing a book, I make sure I don’t read anything remotely similar in plot, so that my own writing is fresh in my head. I like to read books that are vastly different, so it’s like a break for me – something different to relax with.

I read magazines too, news headlines, snippets of conversations on buses, trains etc are always good and can plant a seed that can grow into a story or plot line.

Other inspirations to me are book blogs, writing websites, and competitions.


Competitions are a fab way of exercising your writing muscle. Even if you don’t actually enter the competition, you can still use the prompt as a jumping off point for your own piece of writing. A competition win enabled me to be able to live out my dream of having a book out there on the shelves, and I will always see them as a fabulous resource for writers in many ways.

So enter that competition, send off that entry, submit, submit, submit!

What inspires you? I would love to hear of your top tips!




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