I gave this book 4 stars and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love a book that provokes a response!


As a woman who was challenged in the realms of fertility herself (I have PCOS) I found this book’s main character a bit annoying and selfish at times, but I think that this says more about my own journey and feelings about children than anything else. I personally think you should be grateful for any children you have, regardless of sex, but I had two boys, which I wanted, so maybe I would have felt differently had I been expecting a girl.
This book is controversial, well researched and very interesting. Some of the methods described in the Swaying process are mind boggling, and I feel that this book would be a great read for anyone having these feelings and wishes themselves. I found it a little slow to start, but I kept reading to the end. Everyone has an obsession at some point in their life, and the obsession and journey in this book is fascinating, sad and hard to read at times, and gets you thinking. We had some lively discussions in our house!

A pretty impressive project to take on for any writer, and Lucinda does it brilliantly. I can’t wait to see what her next project will be about.

Swaying is out now in ebook and paperback.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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