Book Review: Search of the Lost by Thomas R. Gaskin

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You may have seen in the media lately talk of a dyslexic writer hitting the headlines with a publishing deal. Well, this is it, and not only is the author a flag flyer for Dyslexia, he is also a very good writer! IF you like GoT, you will love this!

‘”No!” Havovatch shouted. But he could do nothing with two more fighting before him.

Out of nowhere, Feera jumped down from above with his two swords in a cross, cutting the creature’s head clean off.’

Like that taster? The book has some pretty awesome fight scenes, and the description is spot on. I find it hard to get into fantasy novels at times, but this one kept me reading.

According to the reviews, I read book 2 is even better, but with the ending for book 1, I can’t imagine where it will take the reader next!


The Knights of Ezazeruth were the most elite warriors the world had known: toughened by war and trained in a harsh regime, they were a force to reckon with.

But when the arrogant King Afthadus became afraid they would not survive, he cursed them with immortality: and so they went into exile…

2,000 years later, the dark armies of the Black, the very empire they swore to protect the world against, begin their invasion of Ezazeruth, and the ancient legends must be summoned back to fulfil their oath. This quest falls upon Havovatch, with his newly-appointed captaincy and unit of elite warriors. They must venture into the wild to find the Knights. But there is one problem: no-one knows where they are… If Havovatch does not succeed then Ezazeruth is doomed.

Search of the Lost is the first instalment in the Knights of Ezazeruth trilogy.

Search of the Lost is out now in ebook and paperback on Amazon.

dawn of darkness




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