Sex – To do it, or not to do it?

I have made myself a deadline, to finish my current book by the end of August. I have other irons in the fire, publisher things, submission things, but for the moment I don’t have a deadline from a publisher, so it’s all on me to apply bottom to chair and write.

My deadline is 4th September, so I have a book all fresh and ready to edit when the kids return to school and normality resumes. I have been going great guns, till my characters decided to sleep together. The words have ground to a halt. Why?

SEX. Such a little word that means so much. I am no wilting violet, and I enjoy reading books in this genre. I have devoured Mills & Boon books for years, and the relatively new NA (New Adult) genre has a great customer in me, as I love to stock up on steamy kindle reads, as long as the plot is good. Writing it however, is different.

Amanda and Ben, my two characters in The Chic Boutique on Baker Street, were a joy to write, but my two new characters, Thomas and Kate, are raw and steamy. The sexual tension has been burning my fingers for weeks, and now we are on the cusp….there are tongues…and….and…nothing!!

I have cleaned my house, filed my bills, posted my letters, tidied my desk. All my baskets are empty, washing, ironing, bins. I have the boys at home for the summer, and the house looks great. I have nothing to do today but write. Can I take the next step? Nope. I am a shivering virgin in the writing a sex scene part of writing.

So, what do we think? Do you think sex scenes are cringeworthy, or relevant? My two characters need to take this next step, it’s relevant, it’s been coming (pardon the pun, don’t read this Grandma Grace!) a while.

What favourite sex scenes do you have? Four Weddings and a Funeral awkward sex with talk of bottoms? Raunchy 50 Shades play room antics?

All I can say is, well done to those women who have deflowered virgins and crossed boundaries on the page. For now, my characters are staring lustily at the bedroom door… cap

Happy Yorkshire Day!


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