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Bookaholic Confessions


Top 5 writing tips by Eva Woods

1. Keep going, keep going, keep going

The days when I sit down and the words flow out like water are maybe once a month, if I’m lucky. All the rest of the time is spent plodding along, trying things, seeing what happens. I aim to write a thousand words a day, without editing, checking, or worrying if it’s any good. I’m always amazed at how a book grows using this method, even when most days it feels like you’ve just typed a random assortment of words that don’t make any sense. If you keep the momentum up, your sub-conscious develops the story without you noticing.

2. Everything can be fixed in an edit

There’s always another draft you can do, so if you get stuck on something just leave it for now and keep moving forward. When you’ve done what you can…

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