Cover Reveal – Ignoring Gravity by Sandra Danby

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Today on my blog we have the lovely Sandra Danby, talking about her new book, and book covers. I must confess, I have at least ten different editions of P & P, so I know just what she means!

What do you think about the cover? Fantastic isn’t it!

And now I hand over to Sandra…

There must be literally hundreds of different covers for Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Not counting the foreign language editions or the Zombie one. A quick online search revealed a flower-decorated straw bonnet lined with pink fabric [Wordsworth Classics], red and white peonies [Harper Teen], and beautiful designs by Jessica Hische for the Penguin Drop Caps series. Many of the very early editions featured peacock feathers, my favourite is the 1895 edition illustrated by Hugh Thompson for Macmillan. Pride equals peacock, you see.

Why am I talking about Pride and Prejudice? Because a book cover sticks in your head and becomes a part of that book’s personality. When I think about Pride and Prejudice my mind immediately pictures my battered old Penguin copy with the orange spine and a detail from Henry Raeburn’s portrait of Lady Colville. To me, Lady Colville is Elizabeth Bennet.

My own novel Ignoring Gravity has a new cover and hopefully it too has its own personality. Based on the tagline ‘Two pairs of sisters, separated by a generation of secrets’, it shows two sisters side-by-side. Hanging over their heads is a tree. Trees, for me, symbolize family connections, relationships, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters. Ignoring Gravity’s modern-day sisters, Rose and Lily, haven’t given a moment’s thought to their ancestry, to the roots and branches of their family tree. They take it for granted, as many of us do. But what if you are not who you think you are?


About ‘Ignoring Gravity’

Rose Haldane is confident about her identity. She pulls the same face as her grandfather when she has to do something she doesn’t want to do, she knows her DNA is the same as his. Except it isn’t: because Rose is adopted and doesn’t know it. Ignoring Gravity connects two pairs of sisters separated by a generation of secrets. Finding her mother’s lost diaries, Rose begins to understand why she has always seemed the outsider in her family, why she feels so different from her sister Lily. Then just when she thinks there can’t be any more secrets…


Next in the ‘Rose Haldane: Identity Detective’ series

In Connectedness, the sequel to Ignoring Gravity, Rose Haldane turns detective to solve an identity puzzle. Employed by controversial artist Justine Tree, Rose must find the birth child given away when Justine was an art student. Connectedness will be published in 2017.


Author bio

Proud Yorkshirewoman, tennis nut, tea drinker. Unlike Rose Haldane, in Ignoring Gravity, she is not adopted.

If you want to hear more or get in touch with Sandra, here are her details:




‘Ignoring Gravity’ is available at:-



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