Author Interview: Kathryn Freeman – A Second Christmas Wish

Today on the blog I chat to author Kathryn Freeman, who has a book out. Isn’t the cover beautiful!


Out now from Amazon and other retailers!

Hi, thanks for coming to chat to us today!

My pleasure – thank you for inviting me to chat. Most people I know ask me to stop talking…

Q1. Can you tell us a little about your latest book?

A Second Christmas wish is my first Christmas book – and the reason why I’ve started getting excited about Christmas very early this year. It features a mum and her son who’ve had some pretty miserable Christmas’s to date, leading seven-year-old William to doubt the existence of Father Christmas. But then Melissa enrols William for some tennis lessons, and they meet Daniel, a hunky ex tennis pro. Can he get them both to believe in Christmas again?

Q2.What’s next for the writing?

My next book is one I actually wrote years ago, before I was lucky enough to be taken on by Choc Lit. I naively sent it off to be critiqued, hoping it would come back with a few minor typo’s. Instead it came back thoroughly torn apart. Deservedly so, I might add (though I didn’t think it at the time). Because I loved the story so much I attacked it again last year with fresh eyes (and three added years of writing experience). Though it would probably have been quicker and easier to start again from scratch, thankfully after all that effort the Choc Lit Tasting Panel liked it. So next year vivacious model Lizzie, and her reserved accountant friend Nick, will finally have their story published.

Q3. In addition to your books, what kind of career have you had?

I’m a pharmacist by training, first working for Boots before joining the pharmaceutical industry where I worked in the medical department writing about medicines and disease. I still do it, though now I’m self-employed so I can fit in writing romance, too. Some days a heart is the centre of a cardiovascular system. Other days it’s the beating pulse between a boy and girl J

Q4. A typical day in the life of you – what does that look like?

After the school run I exercise – a swim or a jog – then head to my study. I tap into a computer, in between nipping downstairs for regular cups of tea and sustenance, until it’s time to do the school run again. As my kids don’t usually want to talk to me, I usually manage another hour or two until they tell me they’re hungry. The routine is the same whatever I’m writing, though if it’s a romance day, I do it all with a smile on my face.

Q5. I collect elephant ornaments (and books of course!) – do you have something you collect?

I love to travel and collect mementos from every place I visit. Sometimes it’s just a colourful fish for the bathroom wall, or a pretty bowl. On our trip to Thailand we came back with something you would love. A thigh high wooden elephant – or rather he came back separately, by cargo!

gift(I love him! Ed)

Q6. Women writers, and romance writers in particular, often see prejudice and a certain ‘pigeon holing’ when it comes to their books – what would you say about your own work?

I write the type of books I love to read – where the focus is on the romance rather than an intricate plot. I don’t really mind what others say because I’m actually writing for me. Though of course if anyone is kind enough to say they enjoyed my book, I feel ten foot tall for the rest of the day.

Q7. If you could branch out into a different genre, which one would you choose and why?

I’m a romance nut so that would have to still be a major focus of the story, but I’d like to go down the romantic suspense route some time. No aliens or vampires, I don’t have the imagination for it, though if it’s a romance between a sexy vampire and a kick ass alien, I’ll happily read it.

Q8. Do you have any tips for the budding novelists out there reading this?

They will have heard this a million times before but really it is the best thing you can do. Write, write, write. Also, I think about the book in my head a long time before I put anything on paper. Oh and writing biographies and plot outlines before you start – even though you might change things around – really helps. Especially if you’re writing round your day job and it could be a few days before you see your manuscript again.

Q9. What are you reading currently?

I’m reading The Goal, the latest of Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series. It’s as good as all the others and I can thoroughly recommend them if you love your romance on the hot side.

Q10. Finally, do you have a next goal or dream in life? If so, what is it?

To have one of my books made into a movie? Hey, you did say a dream… J





2 thoughts on “Author Interview: Kathryn Freeman – A Second Christmas Wish

  1. So kind of you to invite me on to your blog Rachel, thank you so much. I really enjoyed answering your questions – and sharing your love of collecting elephants 🙂


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