Book Blogger Showcase: It is just a word


December tomorrow! Last day of the month, which means Book Blogger Showcase day! I am delighted to have Natasha chat today from the fab

  1. How long have you been a book blogger?

I started itisjustaWord when I started university about four years ago. My blog, back then, was just a place that I could put up my latest writing extracts and quotes from Plath and Eliot that I thought were deep and pretty and were really just pretentious. I then revamped my blog after I started working at Little, Brown Book Group (a year ago) in their Sales department. I wanted to bring the element of getting into publishing to my blog as well as writing book reviews, issues within publishing, books and writing and general information about books too.

  1. How old is your blog? Did you have any before?

(same as answer above)

  1. Why did you get into blogging in the first place?

I got into blogging because I wanted to do something with my infatuation for books and I wanted to learn more about the book trade and what it means to work and be with books. I also wanted a place to showcase my writing to those who also love books. I’ve said books WAY too many times in that sentence. BOOKS.

  1. Tell me about your blog, why the theme? Why is your blog different than the others?

The theme for my blog is for all things bookish whether that means writing a book, reading a book, learning about books, information surrounding books, the publication process. When I was reading a lot of blogs in the past, the main focus was on reviews. And whilst I think this is important I also wanted to add an element about getting jobs in books – particularly as I know that this is such a competitive and popular industry. I also wanted to revamp the old book review style and have started adopting a listicles approach to my reviews which I feel are easier to digest and I can also use gifs which is just the best part.

  1. Talking books – what genres do you review/prefer?

I love every genre. I have a rule: I won’t read two books in a row that have the same theme and genre. I like to broaden my horizons because I think there are so many different aspects to books out there and I think as a book lover and breather and a writer, you need to know the breadth of the world that you live in. If I had to pick a genre, I would chose contemporary women’s fiction – I love the whole ‘girls’ trend that is in at the moment usually featuring an element of erotica, a twist and domestic noir. I like thrillers too. I am reading American Pastoral right now by Philip Roth which is COMPLETELY different to what I normally read and that is blowing my mind right out of the park.

  1. Apart from blogs – do you blog about any other subject? If not, do you have plans to in the future?

I do blog about writing and publishing. I want to expand this though into career and mental health advice. I wrote a piece recently about failing and why it is ok to fail and this was one of my most well-received posts. I still have friends and friends of friends and complete strangers coming up to me or emailing me to tell me how much that post helped them. I think I want to write more about mental health issues in relation to the work place. I also thought potentially about expanding my blog to a musical side as I also taught myself how to play the guitar. I also want to collaborate with other bloggers and do podcasts, vlogs and online chats with them about important subjects – maybe do an online book club and discussion. But I work 9am – 5pm and there are only so many hours in the day so we shall see.

  1. What is your favourite book so far this year?

My favourite book is The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel – although this technically doesn’t come out until next year. The proof copy I received was absolutely gorgeous and the story was so unexpected and brilliant and beautifully written. I adored it. I also loved Maestra by L. S Hilton and Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman. But American Pastoral is also up there. I haven’t really answered the question have I?

  1. What is your favourite book?

Easy: The Lovely Bones. This was the book. The book that would make me love all books and find something in them that nobody else could see. This was also the book that started me off as a writer. I owe Alice Sebold everything.

  1. Which book are you looking forward to the most due to come out?

I’m really excited for The Roanoke Girls which comes out next year as I think this will be BIG and I want to be one of those people that’s like I TOLD YOU SO because I’m a terrible person.

  1. Tell me a little about you!

I’m Tash. Some people call me Natasha which is fine but makes me sound like a Russian super spy. I live in London right now and I work at Hachette Children’s Group in Marketing and I LOVE my job. My boyfriend is my best friend and I tell him everything. I love books which shock me and have passages that will restructure my entire brain chemistry. I love books with romance plotlines and a well-written erotic scene. I like to write when I can and when my brain is working. I like to write books that I give up on half way through and then take up again somewhere down the line. I teach myself guitar and eat too much cake and have a fast metabolism.  That’s about it.

  1. Sweet or savoury?


  1. Summer or Christmas?


  1. Finally, if you could have written any book already in existence, which one would you choose and why?

A cliché but probably The Bell Jar because this has affected so many people in such small ways and I’d LOVE to do that with a book. It’s also a favourite of mine and Sylvia Plath was an absolute legend.

Thanks for coming to chat Natasha – I shall be checking out those books!

To read more check out her blog!


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