Author Spotlight: Elisabeth Hobbes


Hi Elisabeth, thanks for coming to chat to us today!

Hi, it’s great to be here, thanks for having me.

Q1. Can you tell us a little about your WIP?

It’s a reunion story set shortly after the Norman conquest of England.  It’s my darkest story so far (just right for the festive season) with a hero and heroine who have both been deeply damaged during their time apart and must learn to trust each other again in order to defeat a common enemy.  There are secrets to reveal, rifts to mend and treachery to uncover that will change their lives forever.

When Aelric’s band of outlaws ambush Constance on her journey back to Cheshire, after seven years since their last encounter, Aelric sees the opportunity to use her as means of revenge on the man that destroyed his life.  As the feelings they once shared begin to reignite Aleric is torn between his lust for revenge and his desire for Constance.  Now widowed and with a secret duty she is determined to carry out, Constance is prepared to do anything to regain her freedom, including playing on the closeness she once shared with the young Saxon.

Q2.What’s next for the writing? What are you working on currently?

I’m telling the story of the hero’s villainous brother from The Blacksmith’s Wife, my third book.  Roger was a character a lot of readers responded to strongly.  I began wondering how the privileged, self-centred seducer who led my innocent heroine on would cope with a woman who wasn’t prepared to fall into his bed at a snap of his fingers.  I thought it would be fascinating to see if I could redeem him.  I hope readers will agree he earns his happily ever after.

Q3. In addition to your books, what kind of career have you had?

I teach Primary school three days a week.  I originally trained to teach History and English at 11-18 but after a couple of years teaching English in Greece I returned to the UK and started supply teaching where I discovered I much preferred the younger age range.  I also have an eleven and nine year old who keep me pretty busy.

Q4. A typical day in the life of you – what does that look like?

It depends if it’s a school day or writing day.  Either way it starts with a cup of tea before anyone else is awake.  If it’s a school day I dash out of the house by 7.30 and spend the drive mulling over my latest chapters then I’m in a school based blur until I leave.  I rarely get any chance to write on those days after I’ve fed the family, marked books and done my prep for the following day.  I’m always amazed that there are still people who think teaching is a 9-3 job!

If it’s a writing day I drop my kids at school and walk to the library where I write (no internet to distract me).  These are the days when I also do the housework, shopping and family admin.

Any type of day involves lots of tea, cats and random bursting into song and dance routines in the kitchen, much to the embarrassment of my daughter.

Q5. I collect elephant ornaments (and books of course!) – do you have something you collect?

I love earrings.  I don’t wear any other jewellery (not even my wedding ring) but I have around thirty pairs and keep buying more.  I also love rooting through vintage and junk shops and finding odd ornaments and old tins and boxes.

Q6. Women writers, and romance writers in particular, often see prejudice and a certain ‘pigeon holing’ when it comes to their books – what would you say about your own work?

I think its human nature to pigeonhole things to relate them to what we already know but I hate the easy dismissal of genre fiction as formulaic or lazy.  I’m lucky not to have experienced too much prejudice personally but it infuriates me that people are so quick to dismiss an entire genre they might enjoy.  I try to think of it their loss.

If I had to pigeonhole my work I’d say my heroes tend to be underdogs or lower social status than my heroines.  My heroines are strong, independent women who more than give their heroes a run for their money.

Q7. If you could branch out into a different genre, which one would you choose and why? I’d love to write a murder mystery because I love reading them and trying to spot the culprit.  I imagine the plotting would get the better of me though.

Q8. Do you have any tips for the budding novelists out there reading this?

Even if you really don’t feel like it get some words down on paper as often as possible.  You can’t edit if you don’t have anything to edit.

Q9. What are you reading currently?

Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks by John Curran.  I love going ‘behind the scenes’ and it’s fascinating to see the evolution of her plots and characters.

Q10. Finally, do you have a next goal or dream in life? If so, what is it?

I’d love become successful enough to write full time.

Thanks for coming to chat to us Elisabeth – I have every faith you will get there!

The Saxon Outlaw’s Revenge is out now in ebook and paperback in UK and US.


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